We’re Different, So What?

Be careful what you say
Mind your Ps and Qs
Always know your audience
Never mention the fact that we’re different
Never stray to that conversation of such honesty
Skirt and avoid topics of possible contention
Politically correct
You can’t say that, no matter the intention
Because we must handle everyone’s offence
With great care and tact
We’re only a few words away from fame
– not the good kind
The rascal and rabble-rouser
To steer clear of by a million miles
Given a layoff by general society
But why?
Let us celebrate our differences
They are fact not opinion
Let us teach one another
Learn from each other
Honour our lack of monotony
In the rainbow that shines from our friendships
Not to be glued to the focus
Of our divergence and diversity
Above the joy of shared humanity
Don’t take words as ill meant from a generic pallet
Take them from the speaker and their intent
And if you don’t know
Don’t break a leg in your leap to conclusions
But ask, without a preconceived answer
And listen to hear the truth

Debbie Gravett © 2022.02.19

FOWC: Layoff
RDP: Rascal
Image by Alexas_Fotos from Pixabay

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