Love By Intuition

Happy Valentine’s Day to those that celebrate. We don’t because I believe it is an everyday thing, not just one day. To the lonely, or the sad I send an extra special digital hug. May the flowers bloom, and the sun shine, and a stranger loan you a smile – if not, loan them one of yours, no matter how difficult it is to give, because it makes everything a little brighter for both of you.

Love you madly!

Now in the years gone by
A practitioner of love am I
For I dole it out like medication
To my friend and family nation
A slender slice of this world
Tightly round my heart furled
I deliver hugs and messages
My Ethereal beings presages
Not of disaster but of care
Their love and wisdom share
To hold my loved ones close to me
In spirit and glorious energy
Not only on this red filled day
But always and forever pay
Attention to their silent pains
And their constant living strains
That I will listen to the windy whisper
Your heart’s plea on air crisper
And reach to you from near or far
Let you know you are on my radar
And that I am always here
To love and wipe away your tear

Debbie Gravett © 2022.02.14

FOWC: Practitioner
RDP: Slender
Image by congerdesign from Pixabay

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