Gently Does It

To adapt to the world and toughen up
Or embrace your fragile, handle with care label
Compete and measure up to the comparison
Reticent to show the softer side
Our armour is snapped in place
For the world to see our strength
Because we have come to believe
That only the strong and well-armed
Can survive out there
In this realm of Mother Nature’s playground
Eat or be eaten is the creed we think
But what she needs from us is care
Loving kindness that we’re willing to share
Whispers to the anxious and afraid
An ear to the lonely and forgotten
A soft heart and soft hands
To comfort, encourage and uplift
For kindness and grace are not a weakness
But a mighty great strength
That builds nations and people
For an incredible tomorrow

Debbie Gravett © 2022.02.07

FOWC: Reticent
RDP: Fragile
Image by Brigitte is happy … about coffee time :)) from Pixabay

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