At the Right Time We See

Welcome the month of love. Or for those that believe like I do that every day is for love, welcome the second month of 2022… ALREADY. It’s a short one, so make the most of it. May it find you well and changing the things you aren’t happy with. Have an amazing day.

The orientation of the world didn’t tilt
I wasn’t knocked clean off my feet
No dizzying confusion
On the directions of up and down
The movement was slow
We existed in each other’s spheres
But never particularly noticing
The gradual growing of attraction
From acquaintances to friends
To the wanting of so much more
The wonder of your strong caress
Safety in strong arms of protection
And loving lips of desire
All beckoned when I woke from my slumber
To this boy who had become a man
To the love on low simmering heat
The depth of flavour brewed complete
The years passed never watched
But lived together to replete
For these abiding relations
Generously fulfil my soul

Debbie Gravett © 2022.02.01

FOWC: Orientation
RDP: Watched
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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