Focused on Digging

How to out of this ditch I’ve dug
The sides are overwhelmingly high
And the river of my sorrows
Carves the trench deeper still
I know not how to build a bridge
Between the crippling sadness
And my fervently desired happiness
For this I have tried repeatedly
And though I insist to be out and clear
I find myself sliding again down the walls
Not a liar by choice but by struggle
For I cannot grasp the cement in which joy resides
Temporary moments dissolve like sugar in water
But I am not left with any sweetness at all
For it is this that I focus on
All that I do not have and the impossibilities
And thus create this down pouring cycle that I’m on

Debbie Gravett © 2022.01.28

FOWC: Insist
RDP: Ditch
Image by Larry_Humanborn from Pixabay

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