Thine Own Obstacle

Excuse the old English if it isn’t your taste, but I like the sound of it sometimes and today was drawn to write in it. If you are a purist, then please forgive my attempt if it falls short, but I think the message is here:
You are likely in your own way. Move! Do something different.
And while you’re about it, have an amazing day.
I’ve used Skookum in the evil spirit kind of way, because if you’re not taking action, you’re being evil towards yourself.

Skookum be thyself
For whom doth stand
In one’s own path
Repetitive in sabotage
Thy inner being must
For the choice is thine
And made time upon time
To impede forward motion
To dwindle and stagnate
For indecision is decided
And lacking is a sign
Thy choices be adjusted
For action on repeat
Shall not reap a different outcome
Wishes and dreams are all well
But the hour shall strike a number
Where thy must do something
And naught will come
If nothings done
So try to decide and do a thing

Debbie Gravett © 2022.01.21

FOWC: Repetitive
RDP: Skookum
Image by Achim Scholty from Pixabay

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