Chiseling the Mountain

Looming like the Alps
Eclipsing all else in my mind
This block upon which I stumble
The one I lay beneath
Crushed by self-imposed limits
Lack of faith and trust
In my talents and abilities
Like a dead-weight anchor
I try to drag it to therapy
Where the preponderance
Of overwhelming negative ideas
Is examined
And attempted to be reduced
And the block chiselled down
To manageable bits
Until it is all but forgotten
And the way forward is clear
Whether it be with another person
Or in the silence of solo meditation
The exploration of consciousness
That lies in thought
Is the first step to reducing the mountain
To a little pile of sand
To be stepped over at will

Debbie Gravett © 2022.01.19

FOWC: Preponderance
RDP: Block
Image by Starflames from Pixabay

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