A Balanced Ride

Life has placed me on a rollercoaster
From the zenith to unfathomable depths
Moods swung further than the pendulum arc
A crazy ride of absolute madness and insanity
Each day of living striving for the perfect balance
Harmonious note struck just right
Pulse of a vibrational sound wave of exceptionality
Penetrating to the melody of my visceral soul
To bring the tick of my bodily metronome
To an even keel of tranquillity and calm
To weather the inevitable storms and rainbows
Of a life fully realized and lived
To the ultimate purpose the Universe means for it

Debbie Gravett © 2022.01.06

FOWC: Unfathomable
RDP: Zenith
Image by Mats Trägårdh from Pixabay

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