Not a Bottle of Solutions

The song of the beer bottle
When abundantly sung
Is loud and proud and out of tune
With a whiff of hops, or is that yeast
That permeates through the pores
It loosens the tongue
To release truths better held
That could ruin a friendship in a single slip
Whether it’s talking too much
Or kissing their partner
It’s better practiced in learnt moderation
For this life altering brew
Could put you in a right stew
That would have you in cuffs quick as a blink
And sleeping on a cell floor in your own saliva
Or worse
Do I need to tell you more
To warn you from over imbibing
On any of the fumes that would knock you down
Because the problems that you’re running from
Are multiplying while you drown
And they will never be left behind
With this solution
So ineffective for the task

Debbie Gravett © 2022.01.05

FOWC: Alcohol
RDP: Song
Image by efes from Pixabay

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