Soul Wandering

My soul went wondering in the grass today
Barefooted searcher in the emerald green sea
Absorbing the vibrations, smells, and energies of nature
Medicine found in her harmony and calm
Symphony of swaying branches and rustling leaves
Of the giants silently offering strength and ease
Jewels in the sparkling shimmer of the river
Babbling whispered secret messages of intrigue
Melodies from the birds insinuated among the trees
All come together, the orchestra of gentle healing
To right all overwhelm, anxiety and pressure
That light may return, and the body will float once more
Through challenges changed to opportunity
And storms to a rain dance in the shower
Revitalized, renewed and restored
Seeing life from a different view point than before

Debbie Gravett © 2022.01.02

FOWC: Medicine
RDP: Insinuate
Image by David Mark from Pixabay

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