Begin Change With Gratitude

Beautiful symphony of bird song the harbinger of light
To emerge from the darkness to blessings of another start
Abundant opportunities lay waiting in the burning sky
To open your eyes and greet with great gratitude
From the microscopic cells of your critical existential being
And the arteries and capillaries of your life beating heart
Thankful for decisions and choices and the colour of light
To refract, reflect and mould the path that you are taking
Alter the course if the trudge has become weary and stale
If the direction is displeasing or the road twisted to uncertain knots
And lost is the place which you might find yourself at
Firmly put your feet on the ground and stand tall as the mighty oak
Do not doubt nor waver nor find whom it is that you should please
But search your soul for the determination of your own desires
Shake the dust of fear and anxiety to the soil of the earth
And venture forth with the first step of the journey you choose
No matter the outcome that lays ahead
Enjoy the travel with faith and trust in the Universe
That the path is never fixed nor inflexible
And there is purpose to each road that you take
I wish you wonderous travels and fortitude in carving your trip

Debbie Gravett © 2022.01.01

FOWC: Harbinger
RDP: Light
Image by Jan Alexander from Pixabay

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