Hello. Let Me Reintroduce Myself.

In the rare sought-after silence
From the cacophony of the busy world
To explore the place of mindful existence
The inner landscape of my being
To no longer deny and abandon
My jovial and unique authentic self
Bubbly, friendly and a little louder
To no longer imitate anybody else
Or be what others deem appropriate
But in the quiet of acknowledging myself
Embrace and celebrate the light I am
Fingers to brush against my consciousness
Accepting exactly as it is without altering
Showing the genuine flesh of my soul
The bright intense glow of my colourful spirit
Calling close those who are willing
To take me at face value without intention
To join the open arms of my tribe

Debbie Gravett © 2021.12.27

FOWC: Mindful
RDP: Jovial
Image by Javier Rodriguez from Pixabay

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