Releasing the Past Mistress

From Glasgow’s streets came the sleekit
To divide the family pool
But she didn’t do it alone
For he followed her black silky garter
Away from his wife to the illicit bed of affair
And persisted with it while still coming home
Until eventually he drove her away
The wife was the one to leave
As there was absolutely nothing left
With lies and deceit well hidden
He moved the Scottish lass in
Implying it to be a child’s idea
Though it never crossed their naïve little lips
Nor their uninformed, untainted mind
Well planted and cultivated adult manipulation
Surely long in the planning and work
With crumbs of suggestion and intimation
Their scheme was cunning and quick
Missed by the innocent unknowingly complicit minor
Who’d been weaved into this duplicitous tale
But the truth does out eventually
And the realisation scathing and deep
Baring resentment for quite some time
But to hold to this bitterness
A disservice to oneself
So to forgive I must
But it doesn’t mean to condone
But a simple release of the pain
For it serves no purpose to my future
This is the time to let bygones be bygones
For it no longer has impact in my day
It contributed what was needed to who I am today
And though trust is no longer given easily
And suspicion often lurks for a while at the door
May the past join them in the life here after
So that I can get on with mine here on Earth
And silence my demons of responsibility
From my youthful days of childhood
When life seemed direct and simple
But apparently wasn’t

Debbie Gravett © 2021.12.13

FOWC: Silence
RDP: Sleekit
Image by Taweesak Chansawatwirot from Pixabay

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