No More Advertising

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “golly gee.” Use “golly gee” or another interjection that displays the same sentiment in your post. Enjoy!


Golly gee?
Good golly, miss Molly
Holy cow
It is with such great surprise
Or not
That our emails and messages
Are flooded to overflow
It’s the silly season
Of sales and deals
Or not really such great steals
The time to spend, spend, spend
Or not!
Just because the price is good
If they say so
Doesn’t mean we should buy
A million things that we don’t need
With money that the bank has
But not us
To dive further in debt

Take a breath
Just before drowning point
Perhaps a vacation from the hype
That nine times out of ten
Is a tiny little discount
That isn’t worth the fuss
Of wondering how
We’ll pay our bills
In the coming months
So put away your wallets
Unless it is a necessity
And enjoy all that you have
All that surrounds you
The love and affection
Of the ones nearby
And if there are none
Then dole out some of your own
Even just a smile
To the fellow walking on by
A kind word to the barista
Because coffee is necessary
Or tea
And share what is ours for free

Debbie Gravett © 2021.11.27

SoCS: Golly gee
Image by Адель Шарипова from Pixabay

3 thoughts on “No More Advertising

    1. Thanks. Oh the sad song of so many in these times. But whether we have or we don’t, we can always do better with it than buy junk we don’t need. Have a wonderful day.


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