Eating Into Emptiness

Stuffed to the brim
To fill a hollow core
But the feeling fades
Faster than a bullet
And more delicious sins
Need to pass these lips
To drown the echoes
Of sheer emptiness
A white-hot furnace
With inefficient fuel
Burning the tendrils
Of a heart in agony
Trying to grab hold
Of any love offered
More often than not
An erroneous magnet
For fickle and feeble
Self-interested attraction
More gaping wounds
To add to the soul
Less trust and faith
In my own judgement
More food to add
To the growing flames
Consuming the void
Growing ever larger

Debbie Gravett © 2021.11.26

FOWC: Hollow
RDP: Furnace
Image by Gabriel Kidegho from Pixabay

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