Take A Silly Break

To my American readers,

I wish you a wonderful Thanks Giving with good food and great company. May your blessings be abundant and your turkey succulent, and may everyone pitch in to do the dishes.

To all my other readers,

Have a beautiful and abundantly blessed day.

When everything becomes too much
Throw your arms akimbo
And do the funky chicken dance
Tell the world you don’t care who’s watching
Make a reason to laugh
For there is medicine in the chemicals of giggles
And silly is the best remedy for serious
Take a break from life
A momentary breather
Knowing you’re never alone in your feeling
And just reach out when you need somebody
Because everything will find its groove
And your worries won’t miss you
While you hop on a little crazy train
For a short, but enjoyable ride

Debbie Gravett © 2021.11.25

FOWC: Everything
RDP: Akimbo
Image by kropekk_pl from Pixabay

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