Look Further

Looking to the skyline
A perpetually moving horizon
Eyes twitch at the thought
Of never being successful
Never reaching that ultimate goal
The shifting destination
Looking to the skyline
The sun fading
Never seeing the breaking of dawn
Only the breaking of dreams
Splintered glass of winter
Shattered frozen time
Not the beauty of the sparkle
But the cutting of the shards
Looking to the skyline
And being lost in the dark
Shadowed and cloudy
No moon to guide the way
No perceived instinct to follow
Just hurry up and wait
Looking to the skyline
For a sunrise that isn’t expected
Hope that doesn’t exist
Close those flickering eyes
Empty out that naysaying mind
Let it be clear as azure heavens
Look to the skyline
See the sun
See the possibility
See the beauty of life
And welcome a brand-new day

Debbie Gravett © 2021.11.22

FOWC: Skyline
RDP: Twitch
Image by mbll from Pixabay

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