The Ones Who Love You

In the warning of blood red
There were signs I ignored
The hazard of our attraction
Moth transfixed to the flame
I still paddled against the stream
Cautious words from my friends
Little nudges from the Universe
I was blindly determined
Only you in my narrowed vision
A rosy picture of just the two of us
Nirvana in our magical utopia
Everyone else could go away
Under your wicked spell
Just like the other one
That I didn’t know about
Until it was too late
Because my heart was ensnared
And the knowledge broke it
I thought I was completely alone
Estranged anyone who had cared
But they showed me
There was more to them
Than you’d ever dared be
And so my friends came back to me
May I learn to cherish them
Forever more

Debbie Gravett © 2021.11.16

FOWC: Hazard
RDP: Paddle
Image by Phan Minh Cuong An from Pixabay

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