Dead Isn’t The End

How can you be so cavalier
About the afterlife they asked
Especially when it means you’re dead
I did reply
It means that my earthly woes
Are left behind
No suffering nor pain
A rest from the task of living
A vacation for a little while
I’ll tell you this much that I know
That while I am alive
I’ll do it to the best of my ability
Live this life I have been given
Until it and I are both worn out
Ready for a well-earned breather
To retire the body and repose
Not sit about and worry while I’m here
But what
They asked again
Of the ones you leave behind
Don’t you care for them
I would not wish to tell them this
But I’ll whisper here to you
What a daft question they do ask
Obtuse to its core
Of course I care for you
Those that know me well
Will know I’ll never leave them here alone
I’ll always be right by their side
In shape and form of energy
That all they’ll need to do is call
With faith and true belief
And I will answer them
They’ll just need to look to see
Perhaps a smell or gentle memory
Or maybe feathers or a gust of wind
So pay attention to your dreams
It might just be me
My voice will be a different tool
To the physical one I held
But do not doubt that I will hear you speak
And all I ask…
Is that you don’t grieve too long, if you must at all
Celebrate my life and the journey that it was
And the time that you spent with me
Knowing that we’ll meet again
Your soul and me

Debbie Gravett © 2021.11.12

FOWC: Cavalier
RDP: Afterlife
Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

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