Is it so with each generation?
Does our language wildly change?
That we no longer speak the same
And communication and understanding
Between the larger age gap wanes
No matter
For ours is to impart wisdom to the young
Teach what we know of life
And theirs is to ignore it
And find out their path on their own
(don’t laugh, it’s what happens)
My pearls of older knowledge
To my fair maidens of birth
Is to never look for a benefactor to save you
Be your own until your dying day
In financial and ability
Learn to do what you can
And be able to afford a professional
For that which you can’t
I tell you not to keep your life free of people
Only to be able to fend for yourself
And you are now more than welcome
Once you have completed rolling your eyes
At another fossil’s droning
To ignore my words of experience
And figure it out on your very own
For what do I know
In my more than double your years
Living on this planet that we call home
I wish you luck in your life
And one day when I’m fully grey I know
Just like I did a while ago
You’ll utter with sheer amazement
That your mother was right
About a few things that she told you
When you knew everything and she none

Debbie Gravett © 2021.11.01

FOWC: Benefactor
RDP: Amirite
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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