Just For Me

Primal yearning pumping through veins
A desire to do and to achieve
Powering your very heartbeat
But as soon as you sit to accomplish
This wish that thunders through your core
The mind wanders and shadows creep
To cloud and banish these fanciful thoughts
A bell chimes
A message appears
And you grab these distractions greedily
Excuses to avoid failure before trying
The voices are calmed
By the abandonment of effort
Until the desire rises unquenchable again
Years of opportunities procrastinated to naught
Time runs out
And so too ability and possibility
Opportunities find willing participants
And frustration and self-loathing breed
Before all hope is lost
And the pen laid down for good
To learn to trick the doubt and fear
Bamboozle the chattering in your head
To defy their lies and threats
By ignoring the outcome and enjoying the process
By doing just for you

Debbie Gravett © 2021.11.01

FOWC: Trick
RDP: Procrastinate
Image by Artsy Solomon from Pixabay

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