What If… I Released the Monsters?

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “boo.” Find a word with the letters “boo” in it or use “boo” as is and base your post on it. Enjoy!


All Hallows Night
And the scariest thing out there
Is the rattling of my own mind
The haunting of the past
Frightful contemplation of the future
And the wasteful worries of today
Entangled in my own spider’s web
Of nightmare after nightmare
Possibilities of the monstrous type
My fingers grapple for hope
But the tenuous grasp slips
And I, further into the house of horrors
My ghosts will not to sleep
And so they steal my peace and slumber
I holding their translucent hand tight
For fear of the unknown


You can’t scare me
More than I terrify myself
But what would it be if I let go?
Focused on what is
Untangled from the demons in my head
Excised them to the yonder fields
And walked my path with what I have
Here and now
What would THAT be like?

Debbie Gravett © 2021.10.31

SoCS: Boo
Image by Jasmin Key from Pixabay

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