Looking Too Far

My compass is pointed wrongly to the future
It monopolizes too many a waking thought and worry
Fixated vision focused, goal and ultimate destination
Missing the journey and the memories and joys of now
So much time wasted percolating in the fear swamps
Of unsubstantiated imagined inevitabilities
Conjured in the mind of anxiety, stress and anguish
Marinating in the mire of mystical fortune telling
That tends towards the darkness and unfavourable
Imaginings of ill-fated outcomes and ruin
The fumbling repeated faulty failure
That will draw these very devastations to me
I endeavour to eliminate these tales of downfall
In favour of gratitude for the blessings I currently have
And to place my mesmerizing pinpoint focal concentration
On the moment that I have directly in front of me
For it is the only one that I can know with any amount of certainty
The rest will remain just a guess that I will manifest
The more I think upon it
The more I fret this unfathomable future
And so I will leave it to unfold as it must
And live it when it is that time

Debbie Gravett © 2021.10.26

FOWC: Monopolize
RDP: Compass
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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