Stop The Search

In the hunt for everlasting euphoria
Addiction takes easy hold of its prey
A camouflaged chameleon of form and shape
You fall unconsciously to the drip feed
Until frantic cravings of the preferred
Cause unfamiliar and uncharacteristic behaviour
A hunger of unexplainable madness and preoccupation
The unfed urge crying and wailing undeniably
A liar and deceiver in training
To regurgitate stories and plausible explanations
Or the other route to take
Tell the world where to get off in the matter of decisions
And you will continue looking for the illusive
The ten-minute friend come to visit
Until the effects wear off and the plumet is far
Into a dark chasm of loathing and hate
Searching for the next fix to lift you up again
But perhaps
The supplier of a more lasting ride
Lodges not out but rather inside
And you have possessed it all along

Debbie Gravett © 2021.10.21

FOWC: Regurgitate
RDP: Euphoria
Image by Matthias Cooper from Pixabay

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