Faking Attention

I’m all about words today. I was watching Hawaii Five-0 the other night and heard this word. I liked the sound of it and could figure out the meaning from the context, but I wanted to know more. So I went searching and fell down the rabbit hole. Out came a second word I liked:

fugazi or fugazy
Fake or damaged beyond repair.
Look it up yourself to find another definition

My second word:
Tending to disappear, fleeting.

I could have used that word in some of my previous poems. I love words that roll off my tongue and sing to my ears. They just make me smile, but I’m not someone who believes in using fancy (hifalutin – another one I like the sound of) words that make other people feel stupid, because a lot of the time I am the person wondering what in the world is being said. I have a great conduct of the English language, but my vocabulary could always be improved and that is why I like learning new words.

If you use fugazi, drop me a comment and let me know where you’re from. It isn’t a word I’ve ever come across before. The character in the show is from New Jersey, so maybe part of their local speak.

Here’s to learning new things and keeping life interesting. Enjoy today’s poetry below and have a fantastic weekend. Feel free to use these words in a poem and ping back.

Fugacious patience
Gossamer threads
At your fugazi
Loan of attention
While in conference
With your telephone
I take personal offence
At my lack of importance
In your inconsequential opinion
That I have assumed
And your action substantiated
If this is not the case
Assist me to understand
Your lack of focus to my words
Where I wonder if they have been heard
And thus another person
Falls from friend, family or acquaintance
To once upon a time I knew…
For I am deserving of your time
Your undivided attention
If I have any meaning to you

Debbie Gravett © 2021.10.22

FOWC: Assist
RDP: Conference
Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Faking Attention

  1. I think I’ve heard the word “fugazi,” but I can’t remember the context and I’ve never used it myself. That said, I think their may have been a limousine rental service that had a similar sounding name.

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