The Words Have Lost Their Harmony

My words have lost their melody
They utter what I want to say
But theirs is no longer a song
Something that I’m singing
I can picture the magic
The fantasy and mystery
But they will not to the page
At least not to my reading eyes
Can I see or hear beautiful poetry
Should I always make them rhyme
Or measure their syllable
Or place them in strict pentameter
With stressed iambs
To make them in tune
I’ll continue to speak them out
And try to find their symphonic cadence
And share them here with you
So if they’re missing the spot just a bit
I ask for your patience
While I search for my tuning button
My internal metronome to find my step
As the seemingly consecutive stumbles
Keep me crawling forward slowly
And sometimes not at all

Debbie Gravett © 2021.10.20

FOWC: Consecutive
RDP: Melody
Image by Jean-Marc Baum from Pixabay

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