The Troubles Of Our Children

My dearest darling do you know?
When your neurons are a jitter
And you forget to suck in air
When the only remnant of your fingernails
Are the ragged bits embedded into flesh
When your place in this world
Seems small and rapidly diminishing
Uncomfortable and challenged at your limits
I am right there with you
Hiding my tears and heartbreak
Unable to take this part for you
Knowing this is a crucial stage of your journey
To build strength and skill
For the future roads that you will travel
But still I get sick to my stomach with worry
Wishing you calm and peace
But all that I can do is show you love
And trust in you and your abilities
Have the faith that you are currently lacking
And try to make you see
The magic that I see you are
For my darling I am your mother
And I will always be rooting for you
In your corner until my very last breath
And I’ll always wish the best outcome for you
But love you no matter the result

Debbie Gravett © 2021.10.19

FOWC: Remnant
RDP: Neuron
Image by jwvein from Pixabay

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