Vanished Creativity

No current flows through my fingers
That rest hanging on the piano keys
Creativity and the muse are missing
Kidnapped by the worries of today
Numb thoughts at the effort of artistry
Like imagination and invention
Had never inhabited my waking mind
Magic and fantasy and the joy of making
But a distant memory or perhaps a dream
For I cannot remember an element of the art
Was I ever capable of creating anything?
At this moment with a blank canvas
And an inability to believe in the process
I wonder if it was all a lie
That I had done this before
With the slightest amount of competence
Has doubt subdued any further possibility
Stolen future opportunities
Or did they never exist?
And I am trying to find the winged unicorn
That I never did glimpse
At the ends of my stubby fingertips

Debbie Gravett © 2021.10.14

FOWC: Piano
RDP: Current
Image by unicadmo79 from Pixabay

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