Running Dry

Spiderweb fissures in dusty brown
Spread across the arid desert land
Once an oasis of lush green pasture
Dripping with water and oozing cool
Wind-blown sand grains moving the mound
The ground beneath us withering away
Anchoring roots ripped up by the million
Making way for hard, cold cement
Fake carpets of green fabricated grass
A plastic barrier between us and Gaia’s soil
To penetrate before we can find purchase
Grounding our souls in the vanishing
Washed away by clean paving and sparkling cars
Glimmering people fresh from an hour shower
Ignoring the uncomfortable conversation
That would infringe on their comfort
On a contaminated renewable resource
Diminishing in this constant abuse

Debbie Gravett © 2021.10.13

FOWC: Fissure
RDP: Conversation
Image by 笛素 蓝 from Pixabay

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