Locked Up Feelings

The bad rep of emotions
Holds sway in the watcher’s eyes
As I lose grip on the tight lock
That I have kept them under
Disappointment at my weakness
Lack of restraint and composure
Though I only allow a single tear
To dribble down my cheek
The dirty look of shame
Big boys don’t cry
And if it isn’t understood and explained
Women are using them as a tool
These secrets that we hold captive
Prisoners of our inner workings
Rotting and festering in thoughts
Great strength exercised to keep
The chains taunt and shackled
Disease springs from the unexpressed
Suffocation breeds misery
And the sadness spreads
Digs deeper and more jagged wounds
With every “I’m fine”
Hidden behind a fake excessive smile
Too afraid to feel the truth
To show it to anyone else

Debbie Gravett © 2021.10.12

FOWC: Dirty
RDP: Emotion
Image by Kris Kurn from Pixabay

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