Believe in Your Direction

When the words go awry
And the mind goes astray
When you’re feeling your way
Through the thickest of mist
When life is a journey
Seeming all steeply uphill
Don’t be defeated by those that ogle
Wondering where you’re going
Or what you have achieved
Or questioning what you are doing
For the road is yours to travel
The shoes are yours to wear
And if you are not looking for help
Don’t allow others to derail you
From the tracks that you lay
Opinion may always be tinged
With personal intention
Experience and outlook
And though it may be well meant
Perhaps faith in yourself
Is the first step to clearing the haze
To emerge from the nubilous wasteland
And select a direction
And leap forth on your merry way

Debbie Gravett © 2021.10.06

FOWC: Ogle
RDP: Mist
Image by Владимир Харитонов from Pixabay

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