Bring The Little Girl Back

Did you seal it in a box?
When the world said you needed to be mature
Grow up and be an adult
Did you hide it away?
Do you quash the tingling temptation
To bring her out?
The little girl you used to be
Funny, giggling bundle of joy
Laughing at the world
And trying to make it laugh with her
Stepped into the suit
That you’re expected to wear
Be serious and responsible
Life isn’t a joke
Life is hard
Is that what they constantly said?
Isn’t it?
But why?
Is it?
Step back into your bubble gum shoes
And put those ponytails back up
Because if that is what holds the joy
Be it
Love it
Share it
Life is what you make, what you believe
Find the fairies with which to play
And go ride a winged unicorn
Retrieve the magic and make that your life
And laugh
And smile
And make others do the same

Debbie Gravett © 2021.10.05

FOWC: Quash
RDP: Seal
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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