Create Your Day

Have you seen the splendour of the morning?
Her robe of burning orange
Blushing pink and mauve
Kisses the horizon so
She slowly guides and coaxes the sun
Until the time is utter perfection
And then he raises his head suddenly
Blinding with a glorious announcement
Of a fine and blessed new day granted us
Another adventurous episode of your life
To follow mornings great example
Take the brush up in your creative hands
And paint this day as you will it be
In the beauty that is your guide
Remember as you choose your colours
The gift of the awakening today
The hope and light
That are only brushstrokes away
The masterpiece that you bring to being
May dawn inspire your work
And with her love may she help you awake

Debbie Gravett © 2021.10.04

FOWC: Episode
RDP: Splendour
Image by Franz Roos from Pixabay

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