Until There Are No Words

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “inspire/aspire/expire.” Use them in any form you like. Use one, use two or use them all if you want. If you use two, you get bonus points! If you use all three, Cheryl will put your next drink on David’s tab. Enjoy!


A talisman of luck
Touchstone of success
To aspire to be the pinnacle
In the field of the chosen
Searching for inspiration
The missing muse
Upon whom to meditate
Sparking the ember to flame
To burn the passion bright
I choose to ignore all the rules
Follow the heart and the soul
To the core of the tale
The words fighting for release
To continue to allow them pardon
In the works of my mind
Like butterflies into the sun
I let them go to no longer be mine
To bring grace and blessing
Upon many others
Who need to hear their fluttering
In the brilliant light they will shine
Onto the lives of those
For whom they are divinely meant
These whispers of inspired prose
That I shall put forth
Until I expire or the thoughts do

Debbie Gravett © 2021.10.02

SoCS: inspire/aspire/expire
Image by analogicus from Pixabay

2 thoughts on “Until There Are No Words

  1. Excellent! I like this poem very much, especially, “Follow the heart and the soul.” We all need to do that more often.

    Bonus points are yours, and David will add you to his tab 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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