Dealing With Stored Yesterdays

In the composition of words
I dig through the raw and bleeding
Cautiously approach yesterday’s shadows
And look developed phobias in the eye
Challenge myself and the limitations
That I have shackled to my ankles
Exhaustedly dragging them where I go
Wading through the remembered pain
To pull sentiment and wisdom free
From the quagmire of unresolved issue
That I use to feed my ravenous art
But today

Today I have finally decided
To find the glitter dust square
Amongst the rotten and putrid mud
Locate the hope in the sewage of mistrust
To bring each obstacle into the spotlight
And examine it beneath the microscope
To bid it adieu and set myself and all free
To release the worthless baggage
That I have so diligently collected
For as long as it takes, I will sort and toss
An inner declutter and self-renovation
To create space and weightless light
To allow the beautiful to enter
Focus on the wonderful already here
And change my detrimental habit
Of keeping and storing
The garbage that no longer serves
This glorious and amazing being of the Universe
Who deserves the very best

Debbie Gravett © 2021.09.29

FOWC: Composition
RDP: Phobia
Image by frianett from Pixabay

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