Nature’s Life Offering

Draped in purple, pink and amber robes of the setting sun
The late afternoon bids adieu to another beautiful day
Of choosing life and all the splendour the golden chalice holds
To drink in cool to her vibrant warmth of love, peace and harmony
In the fields and the forests of lush abundance of living
Of pure air molecules holding droplets of hydrating moisture
To nurture and nourish the body, the mind and the soul
Connected in the bark, the leaves and the soil of Earth
To being
To existing
To thriving
Along the lighted lines of robust and piercing energy
That feeds you, ignites you, inspires you and motivates you
To reach out and touch the moon and the stars
Drink in their wonder and the magic they bathe you in
Draw to your lungs the gifts of the trees in abundance
The amenable amenities and resources of Gaia
At our disposal to support, encourage and foster
For an incredible journey of sheer greatness
Beyond dreams and wishes and dandelions and clover
Life constructed with all possibilities
We need only to accept whole heartedly and believe in

Debbie Gravett © 2021.09.27

FOWC: Late
RDP: Amenable
Image by Julius Silver from Pixabay

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