In Your Hands

You took my heart for a stroll along the bluff
And teetered briefly on the cliffs edge ready to plunge
Into the cold waters of reality or your warm saving arms
Like an inebriated sailor I wobbled on my feet
Drunk at the beginning of this journey on the thought of you
We have stumbled blindly through silent battles
But we always found our footing once more
Helping each other up
Lessons in words that needed to be spoken and feelings shared
For you’ll never know the error of your assumptions if uncommunicated
The soul of the other human and your own are complex webs
That we sometimes tangle ourselves into and instead of stopping
To gain our bearings and find the threads of release
We continue to struggle and fight ourselves and each other
Until there is no way back
But I am the lucky one because we have never gone that far astray
I thankfully find my navigation back to my true north repeatedly
And learn the value of communication, spoken and understanding
Blissfully blessed that you caught me when I fell for you
And have held my heart forever gently and respectfully
In your strong hands
Where I know that it is eternally safe and taken care of

Debbie Gravett © 2021.09.27

FOWC: Inebriated
RDP: Bluff
Image by Alem Coksa from Pixabay

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