Be Authentic – You’ll Find Your Tribe

I have no time for duplicitous smiles
And the fake fabric of a being
Stop trying this futile connection
Because there is no point
If the intentions are not clear and free
I am not the dark shadowed crow lurking
Watching the ridiculous show
I’ve been searching for them
The salt of the earth tribe
Who resonate with my vibrations
And though it may be small
I choose the energy I surround myself with
The true gems I fly down and select
Not necessarily the shiny and sparkly
To the outside world
But on the inside they are a glitterball
And I am blessed to feel this genuine love
A care that I cherish and try to return
Because I do not see the reason to pretend
When I can fill my life with bona fide souls
Who wish to share my journey and my space
For the days are short and breaths numbered
And I want to pull them in deep
Never tiptoeing or hiding my authentic self

Debbie Gravett © 2021.09.21

FOWC: Duplicitous
RDP: Crow
Image by Daniel Sampaio from Pixabay

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