Recycled Misery

In the lethargy of despair
The light of the sun no longer warm
Windows to the outside world
Tinted by the film of misery
No exception to the negativity
As the toxins seep into every drop
That life breathes to exist
Red bloodied wound oozing within
A silent outside demeanour of thought
The truth of the adversary being faced
Exhaustion in the battle for happiness
Extremes of joy in a moment’s motivation
Rotted to melancholy in a flash
Fickle and fragile in the blowing wind of fear
Bellowed from the chest of instability
In shifting ground of a tearing heart
Shredded by utter hopelessness
At the turning wheel that repeatedly returns
To this self-same examination
Of purpose and meaning to life
Of position and reason for being
In the mud of unshed tears
Watering the internal swamp of disappointment
Judgement from the quagmire
Stuck for any possible escape

Debbie Gravett © 2021.09.19

FOWC: Exception
RDP: Adversary
Image by Layers from Pixabay

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