Sunrise in the Dying

In the changes like Autumn leaves
We search for the answers
Of an altered course
In the dying and the beauty
Our youthful intentions covered
By the falling foliage of passing time
And we forget the red, gold and oranges
Like the rising sun at dawn
Allowing us to welcome a new day
With opportunity and a reset should we wish
The splintering dry vegetation of our history
Mulch and nourishing food should we choose
To feed and sustain forward motion
In memory of the season’s failings
That we do not want to repeat
Bathe in Mother Nature’s colour palette
To see the hope of renewal and cleansing
Of that which no longer serves the highest good
And redirect the journey to that of our soul
Using the cold to care for ourselves
In the coming winter of our lives we are resting
To recharge for the adventures awaiting us
For wonderous possibilities
Earmarked by the Universe for us

Debbie Gravett © 2021.09.17

FOWC: Course
RDP: Autumn
Image by 132369 from Pixabay

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