Wake Up!

Gaia is changing her décor
With green scattered shoot cushions
Waiting for a cool liquid drink
Cried from grey clouds in the skies above
To paint the browns and beiges with colour
And grace our olfactory receptors
With the perfume of nature’s chemist
Dust sneezes replaced with pollen
Allergies the ingrate of the seasons
The sun healer of the dreary blue
Time to place the pineal eye
In the warm golden rays
Thankful for sight, sound and earth
To be folded into her lush vegetation once more
Soul’s grounding
Spirit’s wings
Stress’ light
Pulled deep into the living breathing cells
Of this winter weary body
Reawakening to find new life

Debbie Gravett © 2021.09.01

FOWC: Ingrate
RDP: Decor
Image by Aleksey Kutsar from Pixabay

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