I Belong

Magnet to me
In this place that I am
Stardust and glitter
Fairy magic and miracles
Energy of Earth and Universe
Ethereal wonder of life
Feet planted, roots dynamic
Flexible and accommodating
I’ll fly, I’ll run, I’ll crawl, I’ll walk
Magnificent movement
Grace of a dancer
Throb of a drum
Power of passion
Crashing of waves
And the peace of a river
Sand on the beach
Pebble in the bed
Perfect placement in time
Floaty cloud in the sky
Granite pillar sprung from the soil
Right where it is right
Déjà vu of living
The journey of the soul

Debbie Gravett © 2021.08.28

FOWC: Magnet
RDP: Deja vu
Image by Julius H. from Pixabay

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