Unproductive Punishing

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “ode.” Find a one- or two-syllable word that rhymes with “ode,” or use the word “ode.” Have fun!


Ode to the lashes of the August wind
For my soul their howl does not forebode
A generous considerate loving load
Of empathy and self-care sowed
I the cat-o’-nine-tails wielder owed
A flagellation to mine own back bowed
The hardest of the horses rode
Expectation from the mirror bellowed
‘tis I must be perfection radiant glowed
For others I’ll excuse much error showed
But I
Oh I
I may not my anger nor misstep implode
I require that I the sharpest line followed
The baggage that I carry, whipped unslowed
More knots tied at each mistaken node
Frowned disdain at the reflected toad
Higher youthful aim the missed taken road
And I the punisher of that failure crowed
To myself repeatedly to self-encode
Etch bare and deep the short-coming mode
I find myself so constantly in ammunition reload
Locate the wrongs I have perpetuated overflowed
And when I have none more to explode
I stop to think…
Perhaps this be the intended path
And none was wrong nor faltered step
I stand where I am meant with lessons taught
To aid in my following steps forth

Debbie Gravett © 2021.08.21

SoCS: Ode
Image by Terri Sharp from Pixabay

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