Collapsing Dry Well

The gusto gently eroded out of life’s door
Like the last fading rays of the day’s sunshine
The luminosity of her smile dimmed
Stolen by her rounded back against the storms
She’d weathered many but this was worse than all
Worry lines sank deeper to the flesh
And though she’d done it all before
She did not know how she would dig her way out this time
The soil above not shored to internal collapse
Hope evaporated from the little ground water
Desert dry none left inside to draw
Watched crumbling surround providing the opposite
The drought of shrivelling expected to be the final subsidence
One last breath before the expected fall
But invisible whispered words a lattice of protection
Last chance to appeal and provoke
To wake the slumbering soul of the warrior goddess
Remind her of the power that she bares
The help that stands readily waiting for her call
An angelic army always wanting to serve
A nudge of ethereal energy expressed external
In action that is never necessary in solitude or isolation
For alone is not the stance that must be took
To listen and to ask all that is required
To deploy a silent omnipotent force in favour of her best

Debbie Gravett © 2021.08.16

FOWC: Gusto
RDP: Luminosity
Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

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