Stick With The Fantasy

Fallible fantasy of perfection
Dreams gathered by paperclips
Impossible mind impeding their progress
Words scattered like wishful dandelions
On various pages across many notebooks
Ideas the jumping beans of thought
Unable to corral them to a completed creation
Before the next bounces brain cells
Across to another, brighter and shinier
Intangible unicorn fading in the light of reality
Pessimists and detractors in the majority
To hurricane this pie-in-the-sky away
Be the odd man out, the believer
In faeries, rainbow-gold and magic
Tame the horse with the enchanted horn
And borrow a flight to fulfillment
Whip the wispy smoke in the air into the physical
Make it true

Debbie Gravett © 2021.08.11

FOWC: Fallible
RDP: Paperclip
Image by Gerhard Janson from Pixabay

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