Changing Stitches

This was inspired by my despair at my favourite jeans wearing thin and the new ones that I bought, which I thought were the same are tight in all the wrong places. Why did they have to change what worked for me? I know that trends change and shapes, but I just want something comfortable to wear and not look like I’m wearing an over-sized sack. It isn’t the first item of clothing I wish I’d bought ten of to keep for later. Am I the only one?

I plead with the seamstress of my commercial rags
The manufacturer of my daily changing threads
To bring back the garment I have come to live in
Due to the perfection of its moulding to my shape
Thinned and bared the material has parted
And the replacement that you are offering me now
Does not accommodate my thigh into your latest slim fit trend
At the brand I’d come to rely on for the bigger size
This was the last thing that I would come to expect
No pretense of comfort available from my clothing of today
For the chilly breeze enters in the gap upon the waist
But nothing passes the sucked in belly almost breaking free
The constriction pushing my last meal the wrong way
And I doubt that I am a lonely figure in this imploring cry
That each of us will not need to learn to sew a stitch
So that we may find ease and confidence
In something more appropriate than an over-sized sack

Debbie Gravett © 2021.07.26

RDP: Pretense
FOWC: Lonely
Image by Darkmoon_Art from Pixabay

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