Partners in Life

You stoke the erogenous zone of my mind
Give me food for thought and hope
Challenge me to explore and discover myself
Open to all possibilities and belief in greater things
Trigger a desire to be more, better, stronger and happy
Chase the fantasy of my greatest life
Lie pregnant with the faith in my ability
To birth all that is wonderful and dreamy
Believe that I am worthy and deserving of it all
You sew the seeds of magic in my consciousness
And I strive to live the orgasm of ecstasy in being
To find joy and purpose in each waking day
To see the sunshine and beauty in the new opportunity
And to warrant the energy that you give to me

Debbie Gravett © 2021.07.01

RDP: Erogenous
FOWC: Pregnant
Image by Mark Brodie from Pixabay

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