Inside Sparkle

Chipping at the conglomerate of my life
To remove the stains and less desirable
Polish and shine and make it beautifully perfect
That all may see what a good job I have done
But beneath the small, sparkly and shiny rhinestones
That I position and paste precisely on the surface
For maximum visual effect and appearance
Is a boulder of darkness, filled with sadness and doubt
Not impervious to the falseness of this display
More weighed down and clouded by the confusion
Of navigating the geology of existence
Dazzled by the gemstones and glitter of moments
But questioning their value, their purpose and worth
Much like a mirror of mistrust in my own
Where I wish to shake off the pretty outside coat
Delve deeper into the shadows and demons inside
And replace melancholy and miserable negativity
With the light of hope, dreams and possibility
One sand granule at a time
That I can be certain of their longevity and authenticity
That I can truly know they are the glow of my core
That will shine through all manner of life events
Because I have dug and excavated them
Explored them, felt them, dealt with them
And polished that which is me, for me

Debbie Gravett © 2021.06.30

RDP: Conglomerate
FOWC: Impervious
Image by WikimediaImages from Pixabay

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