Do You Wish to Meet Her?

He missed the nuance of changes
Though they were slight to begin
Disparaged the deep introspection
Scoffed at subsequent journeys within
Until he opened his eyes
To a woman that he had never met
A fierce warrior, confident in her stance
With head held high and shoulders back
She looked the world directly in the eyes
And it welcomed her with open arms
For she no longer fought against it
Opposed to the Universe’s plans
She had discovered her true self
And the beauty of purpose and flow
She had awoken to her magnificence
And continued to explore
He had a choice
To love the new light
Or leave…
And so did all the others

Debbie Gravett © 2021.06.28

RDP: Nuance
FOWC: Subsequent
Image by Brigitte from Pixabay

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