My Toolbox for Life

I have been equipped with a toolbox
Not a dainty pink deal with flowers
Lace and breakable things
But a solid steel number, strong and well stocked
By teachers, parents, siblings, peers, friends and others
Tools to deal with all that comes my way in this life
Constantly adding and upgrading to my resources
Keeping those that work, and retiring the ones that don’t
Synchronicity happens when time and tools collide
Not a fixer-upper, but just as I should be in this moment
To know what to do and how to handle a situation
That once would have had me floundering and lost
Diligent in my growth and adding to my knowledge
And when way down the line I find a forgotten device
Remember and reapply its great effective benefits again
To close my eyes and become present and aware
To know that I’ve got this puzzle called life in hand
And all of the instruments I need, when I need, within
To live it to the fullest and best that is meant for me

Debbie Gravett © 2021.06.03

RDP: Fixer-upper
FOWC: Diligent
Image by Juuucy from Pixabay

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